Unless you're an avid and experienced car collector, purchasing a new vehicle can always be a bit confusing. There are numerous details to consider, and there's also a lot of misinformation being shared. That's why at Bill Pearce Volvo Cars, we're eager to dispel three common myths about the new and used car buying process.

The End of the Month Is When You'll Find the Best Deals

Many car buyers believe that the end of the month places car sellers in a mad rush to meet their quotas. In their efforts to earn last-minute bonuses, dealers and their salesmen are thought to slash prices just before the month closes. In reality, if you're shopping at a reputable dealership like Bill Pearce Volvo Cars in Reno, NV, you'll be able to find fantastic deals no matter when you shop. Our consistency in providing superior customer service and genuinely superior automobiles allows us to enjoy consistent sales all month long.

You Can Get More for Your Trade-in if You Wait Until the Last Minute

The notion that you'll get better value on your trade-in by waiting until you've already been given a firm offer on the car you want is a myth. Our goal isn't to give you less credit for your trade-in to close sales faster. It's to ensure that you're getting fair value. We won't rush the valuation process to speed things up. Just as we do with every trade-in, we'll take the time to accurately determine what your vehicle is worth by assessing several vital factors. Thus, the sooner you mention your trade-in, the sooner we can get started.

Holidays and Rainy Days Mean Less Demand and Less Competition

Car dealerships have a reputation for being slow on rainy days and holidays. As such, many people believe that lower demand on these days opens the door to better deals. In reality, this myth is so long-standing and so pervasive that we regularly draw large numbers of visitors at these times. Keep in mind that the best car dealers have impressive discounts to offer every day of the year.

Visit Bill Pearce Volvo Cars to Learn More

It's important to us that Reno, NV, shoppers understand the car buying process. We want all of our customers to feel confident in making informed and wholly beneficial buying decisions. To check out our inventory and get help finding the right vehicle for your needs, come see us at Bill Pearce Volvo Cars now. We look forward to working with you soon!