We Can Buy Your Old Car

Are you interested in selling your old car? Perhaps we can help one another. At Bill Pearce Volvo, we are always in the market for purchasing quality cars, trucks, SUVs, and other models. We know there is someone out there who would love to give your vehicle a new home. We want to offer the best selection for buyers possible. Let us purchase your car and add it to our inventory. Our team can put a fair deal in front of you. Whether you want cash for the car or prefer a trade-in, one of our reps can put the best offer on the table.

Here's some news: you may find selling your old vehicle to us to be a lot better than trying to sell it to a stranger on the street.

Private Sales and Their Related Hassles

A private sale refers to the owner of a vehicle selling the car to someone else. No broker or third-party becomes involved. 


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Today, the process seems easier than ever. You need not pay for a newspaper ad, as online services allow owners to list their models. While this may seem like the easiest way to go, some hassles can emerge. Namely, you could deal with unserious, disgruntled, and trouble-making buyers.

If you are unfamiliar with running a private sale, you could make mistakes that get you into trouble. Not procuring a signature from the buyer on a "release of liability," for example, could lead you into potential legal jeopardy. You never know what can happen after the sale, and we do live in a litigious society. Keep those thoughts in mind when weighing options for private sales.

And then there are more "mundane" matters related to complaints and claims of "lemons." Why go through such troubles? Selling to a dealer could lift many burdens off your shoulders.

The Valuation Process

How do we figure the price of your vehicle? Our dealership relies on the trusted Kelly Blue Book valuation form. The valuation relies on information about the vehicle. The condition and mileage rank high on the list, as does the age. Of course, make and model factor heavily into the valuation process. Please speak with a representative to discuss how we arrive at the offered price. All would-be sellers have the option of negotiating the final amount.

Sales and Trade-Ins

Choose between a sale or a trade-in. With the sale, we buy your used car. You'll receive payment for the model, and w assume ownership. Everything works straightforwardly. Our team takes care of all the paperwork available.

Remember, sellers also have the option of using their old models as trade-ins. A trade-in establishes a sale value for the vehicle, and the sale of the old vehicle works in conjunction with the purchase of a new one. You use the old model to pay down a portion of the price on a new or used car. Pay cash on the remaining balance or finance it. The trade-in would lower the monthly loan installment. Borrowers also have the option of putting forward a further cash downpayment on top of the trade-in.

How About Leasing?

Don't think the trade-ins only work when purchasing a new or used car. You can also sign a lease deal. A trade-in works towards the upfront payments on a lease agreement. Get a great deal on the sale and the lease near Dayton, NV.

Visit Our Amazing Showroom

Please review all the new and use models in our inventory. Consider coming down to our location in Reno, NV and going on a test drive. Not only can we help you get the best deal on the car you want to sell, but our team can also assist you in getting a fantastic upgrade.

If you're in Sparks, NV or Carson City, NV, call Bill Pearce Volvo today. Let's work on buying your old car and helping you get a new one.