While some things are fine to buy without trying first, a vehicle isn't one of them. It's the second-largest purchase most people will make in their lives, and a choice you may have to live with for some time. One person's ideal car or crossover may be totally wrong for someone else. Therefore, selecting the one that best meets your needs, lifestyle, and budget is essential. And that makes the test drive an important part of the decision-making process.

Whether you're in the market for a new Volvo luxury sedan, wagon, or SUV, or are seeking the significant value proposition of a quality used model; these tips can help you make the most of your test drive.

  • Know What the Test Drive is For: The test drive helps ensure a vehicle is a good fit. When you see one- and two-year-old cars in a used inventory, it's often because someone chose the wrong one for their needs. Listen to the dealer, but don't let them influence your decision.

  • Read Some Reviews First: Look for expert opinions before getting behind the wheel. A reviewer isn't necessarily the top authority, but they can help you consider things that might not have been on your mind.

  • Understand Your Opinion Matters: Doing research in advance is a great way to find your direction. However, the experts don't know your needs better than you do. Consider their opinion but trust your gut.

  • Drive it Like You Already Own It: Driving around a loop won't tell you everything. Think about your routine (city traffic, highways, parking lots) and try to recreate it during your drive.

  • Make a List: Vehicles typically have multiple trim levels and available options. Make a list of your desired features and make sure the vehicle you test includes them.

  • Consider Comfort and Your Passengers: It can be easy to be wowed by the latest technology, convenience amenities, and impressive performance. However, you will have to drive the vehicle every day. Can you imagine spending several hours behind the wheel? Additionally, while your desires are top priority, it can be useful to view the car from the passenger's perspective. Sit in the front passenger's side and the rear seats and see what you think.

Test Drive New and Used Volvo Models in Reno, NV

If you have questions about any of the vehicles in our inventory or the test drive process, don't hesitate to contact Bill Pearce Volvo at your convenience. And when you're ready to try one for yourself, we invite you to visit us in Reno. We'll be happy to assist you.