What plans do you have for the coming year? It is not too late to come up with more New Year's resolutions, and those resolutions could extend beyond starting an exercise program or cleaning the house. How about making plans to service your vehicle? Putting off maintenance any longer might not be a good idea. Why not contact Bill Pearce Volvo Cars to catch up on any necessary scheduled maintenance?

Catch Up On Some Reading

Maybe some New Year's reading time could involve reviewing the vehicle's owner's manual. Many drivers likely realize the importance of routine oil changes and coolant flushes, but are they up to date on other things such as changing the differential fluid or flushing the transmission? And for that matter, are they getting routine service done at the recommended time? Checking the owner's manual might be a good start when planning on making vehicle maintenance a top priority.

Tire And Brake Care May Need a Look

Driving around Reno, NV with worn tire treads or degrading brakes doesn't seem like the safest plan. Why not book an appointment to get your car's tires and brakes checked? The combination of tire rotations and a brake inspection might be worthwhile. Find out if you need new tires or brakes without any delays.

A full multipoint inspection could also uncover current problems and potential ones. A thorough parts inspection, along with a road test, could give insights into any necessary work. Maybe the belts are fine now, but they may need a change in 5,000 miles. The windshield wipers may require new blades today. A close vehicle examination could reveal such things.

Make Your Appointment Today

Our service center stays busy during the early part of the year and beyond. The service department wants to help customers with maintenance requests. Please contact our office to schedule an appointment.

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