Introducing the All-new Drive-E Powertrains

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Supercharged and Turbocharged

Our top-of-range engines feature supercharging and turbocharging, so you get more torque at low revs for great throttle response with the turbo boost coming in at higher revs.  The result is potent performance with power up to 302hp, and terrific fuel economy

Eight-speed Geartronic Transmission

Our new eight-speed geartronic automatic transmission is an important part of the Drive-E powertrain story - you'll always be in the right gear for the very best engine response and drivability, which in turn means a smooth driving experience, higher efficiency and lower running costs.

Powertrains with ECO+ Mode

ECO+ mode improves fuel economy via a range of measures, including optimizing the transmission's shift points as well as engine control and throttle response.  There is also a coast function, which disengages engine braking and drops the engine revs to idle, allowing the car to coast when conditions permit.

We truly believe in sustainability. At Volvo, we don't do anything without considering our long-term responbility to the environment - and you. Drive-E sums up our approach to this: from cleaner factories to a cleaner environment inside our cars and energy-efficient engines.And to minimize our environmental impact, our European factories use electricity from renewable sources, our water-soluble paints are kinder to the environment and all new Volvos are 85% recyclable.