XC60 Recharge Plug -In Hybrid at Bill Pearce Volvo

Learn About the Volvo XC60 Recharge Plug-In Hybrid at Bill Pearce Volvo

Volvo has taken its ability to design safe and efficient vehicles to the plug-in hybrid industry. The Volvo XC60 is an excellent option for people living in Reno. At Bill Pearce Volvo, we are proud to showcase what this vehicle has to offer. Many excellent features will make your life easier. It is also a vehicle that will make driving on the roads of Reno more fun and exciting. On top of that, it performs extremely well and will help you get to your destination faster. One area where this vehicle wins big is in its efficient engine and electric combination. These two features combine to give you a vehicle that is worth its weight in gold.

Exterior & Interior


You will love the exterior of this vehicle. It makes your driving experience a lot more comfortable from Sparks to Carson City. The exterior is set up in a way that gives the vehicle a better drag coefficient. It means you will spend less time at the gas station. It also includes a bold and premium design that will impress your family and friends. It is the type of vehicle you would expect from one of the best car manufacturers in the entire world. The beautiful thing about this vehicle is how much glass the exterior features. It means you will have clear visibility on your daily commute.


The interior is even better than the exterior. It features a spacious design and premium seating. You also get a premium sound system that ensures that everyone inside this SUV will listen to whatever is going on. The seating is comfortable and beautiful. It also includes a great heads-up display to ensure that you always understand what is going on at all times. You will be able to bring your entire family along for the ride, and the plethora of options available will entertain them.

Safety & Technology


Volvo has always excelled at safety, and this vehicle is no different. It will blow your mind how amazing it is when it comes to keeping you alive in Dayton. The safety you get is not only in its unique crash structure. You also get technology that ensures that accidents never happen. Instead of relying on a rugged build that protects you when you crash, you can rely on exceptional technology that avoids the crash altogether. It makes this vehicle one of the best for people who are safety conscious. For example, if you have small children, this vehicle would be the perfect option for you.


Technology is another area where this vehicle stands out. You get a premium audio system and many sensors to ensure that you don't get into trouble. It has Google Assistant built-in, which means that you will do things without using your hands. You will be able to control your vehicle using your voice, and that will enable a new level of safety. It also ensures that this vehicle will be relevant for many years to come.

Performance & Trims


You will get a thrilling rush when you drive this vehicle. It performs extremely well, and you will love how responsive the electric motor is. On top of that, it includes a gasoline engine that is both efficient and powerful. It means you will get to your destinations in Reno a lot faster. It also means that you will get a better driving experience that doesn't involve spending a lot of time behind slow cars. You have the vehicle that allows you to dominate on the roads. It also gets up to 53 km on just the electric battery alone, so you'll be able to go ultra-quiet when you need to. It also has AWD, meaning that you will be able to go off the beaten path and enjoy a stable vehicle.


There are three trim levels to choose from, and you will love what each one offers. You have the:

  • Inscription
  • R-Design
  • Polestar Engineered

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